little known facts about “white wedding”

little known facts about “white wedding” adam sandler, a well known time traveller and prankster, travelled back in time while filming the wedding singer to play rhythem guitar on the song. the lead guitarist was also Billy Idol’s driver. when Billy asked to be taken back home (because he mistakenly thought he’d left the oven […]

the history of k, zero through two. possibly three.

You may not know that the first “k” was actually the zeroeth k–thusly: 0-k. It was thought to have been created by a bored Pascal programmer — therefore he or she always started with zero, rather than 1. In fact, the nomenclature assigned to zero-k was thought to be a rebellious act by a programmer […]

ieatpants on the strugle of art music sea life or some dumb crap like that

time keeps passing and not in the good way — like when your listening to some minimalist drone hitsĀ and as time moves forward you fall deeper and deeper into a transcendental state of bliss and/or seething sea of rage? that’s the good kind of time. the kind that reminds you that it’s impossible to be […]

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