little known facts about “white wedding”

little known facts about “white wedding”


  • adam sandler, a well known time traveller and prankster, travelled back in time while filming the wedding singer to play rhythem guitar on the song.
  • the lead guitarist was also Billy Idol’s driver. when Billy asked to be taken back home (because he mistakenly thought he’d left the oven on), the driver/guitarist misunderstood and instead of bringing the car around to the front of the studio, played a sick guitar solo.
  • Billy was so shocked to see his producer Mutt sitting in the control room casually cleaning his antique 1901 Winchester lever-action shotgun, that he yelled out “Shotgun!” while recording vocal overdubs. The exclamation fit the song so well, that Mutt decided to keep it! Later, Billy would become famous for becoming the face of the “see something, say something” ad campaign.
  • the industrial rock band i was in at uni did a cover of this song, but we didn’t have a very good recording of our version so when we sent a demo tape to play at the local spring festival, we just tacked on the Billy Idol version after our four original songs. it was a stupid stupid thing to do.

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